Here is a picture of Abby in her new home with Reggie, her best little friend, for the “I’m home” page.Abby_he1

Abby’s Original Bio:

Abby is a two year old pure bred Belgian Malinois.  She has been a much loved, and well trained dog in her original home, and through no fault of her own, now finds herself needing a new loving home.  She is a very sweet affectionate and attentive dog.  She likes to bury her head in her favorite persons arms and just be held.  Abby is extremely smart and knows lots of tricks, and will do whatever you ask.

Typical of the Malinois breed, Abby is very high energy.  She needs a lot of exercise, but also needs someone to play with and interact with.  She will always have a ball or frisbee at your feet or on your lap waiting for you to throw it.   She is learning to run alongside a bicycle and makes a great riding partner.

Abby is dog friendly but cats are unknown.  She is crate trained, but in her foster home has never been in one as she can be trusted in the house.

She is best suited for an adult household as Abby barks at strangers and new situations.   She knows “heel” but pulls on the leash until she settles down.  She is usually walked off-leash on a hiking trail.

Abby is current on shots and microchipped.  Ready for someone who wants a fun dog to be part of their life.