Riley is a smart, energetic and agile 3- 4 year old boy who is currently getting his advanced degree in obedience at Foxtal Training Center. He loves learning, and especially finds joy in doing agility. This dog is so much fun to work with!

Riley is likely a shepherd/Rottweiler mix. He is a medium sized dog at 50 lbs.


Riley is very friendly and greets people and dogs very nicely.  While he was at the shelter he went to regular play groups with other dogs. He is a sweet boy who likes attention and to be with his person.  He is very respectful of furniture and will only jump up if invited.  Riley is very playful and loves to play fetch or just wrestle and play.  He will bring toys his person to play with.

While Riley does get along very well and is playful with other dogs, he can be somewhat unpredictable with dogs that he lives with.  He does learn his place in a pack but an experienced owner would be necessary if he were to live with another dog.

He loves to go for car rides and go to the dog park.  Because his play can get rough he would not necessarily be a good fit for small children.  He is very smart, eager to please and learns quickly.  While Riley would benefit from daily exercise, he also is content to spend time playing with toys and chewing on rawhide.

This dog is a gem with a natural talent for agility.  If you are looking for a dog to work with, consider this incredible boy!

Riley is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped.

Here’s a video showing Riley working with Deb.  Good boy!