tan1Tanner is a one year old GSD-mix who was returned to a shelter for lack of funds to neuter him.  He is a very high energy dog who needs a lot of exercise or activity in his life.  At 45 lbs he is the perfect size to take everywhere.


Tanner loves people and greets everyone friendly and with a wagging tail.  He is extremely playful and loves to play fetch and be played with. He is very gentle and is good with kids of any age.  A fenced yard or play area so Tanner can run would be best to manage his energy, or regular trips to the dog park.

Tanner is extremely sociable with dogs and can get along with any kind of dog.  A young playful dog would be good partner for Tanner to help burn off his energy.

tan4He is a great little dog who listens well, and is super smart, but his attention span is short.  He needs someone willing to work with him.  He would excel in searching or agility.   Tanner will be current on shots, neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.