Charlotte was adopted in May 2014.  Here’s a note from her foster mom – Charlotte has  been adopted—hooray for her!  In this case, I guess 4 times is “a charm”.  J  The Ebbott family came to meet her several weeks ago; I was skeptical because of the three previous families who met her and said no.  Even so, I liked them very much and after just a few minutes of watching them with her and her with them, it became very clear why the other three families did not work out.

As I have seen now 17 times, dog and family matches are just meant to be—if they are the right match.  The connection between the family and Charlotte was immediate and one of total love and affection.  It was amazing to see and once again I realized why the other meet and greets did not go so well; Charlotte was just meant to be with this family.  All of this said, they still wanted to do a trial run (so to speak) for a week, just to make sure she was a good fit for them in their house.  When I left Charlotte at their house a couple of weeks ago, she was all smiles and having a total blast playing with the kids, who brought out a big basket FULL of toys for her.  Charlotte was so excited, she didn’t know what to do first!!! It was so adorable, and so heartwarming.  Jen Ebbott said to me, “I am so in love!”.  As crazy busy as my life is and continues to become even more so, I LOVE being able to foster these dogs and pass them on to these wonderful families.  Little Charlotte has ALREADY begun training in a Positively Pittie class.  I love this family!

Charlotte’s original bio:

Charlotte  a small and rather young female mixed breed dog with perhaps some Boston Terrier.  We believe her to be about 1.5 years old and about 30lbs.  The perfect size dog companion!  Anyway, she is absolutely wonderful!  We all love her.   She is extremely friendly and lovable.  She is happiest when she is right next to her people, and LOVES cuddling—that is her favorite thing to do!  She will follow us everywhere we go, so much so that we think we should rename her Shadow.


She does well with kids (ours are 11 years old, 9, and 2).  She also does well with our 7 year old female lab.  She wants to play with our dog, but our dog is not so sure of that.  They have played a little, and Charlotte loves it and does well.   Charlotte will not do will with cats as she finds them fascinating and will chase them day and night!

We discovered today that she really enjoys playing ball and chase!  It’s fun to watch her run and play outside because she pounces around very much like a reindeer. When she’s not bouncing and pouncing, she is running around like speed racer.

Like many rescue dogs, she is learning the ‘art’ of housebreaking and is doing a fabulous job and is coming right along.  She doesn’t always tell you when she has to go out, so a regular schedule would be a good thing.  


She is crate trained and goes in her crate when we’re not home.  I can’t bear to put her in there at night, so I’m sorry to report she sleeps with us or our daughter at night.  She thinks it’s the best thing ever, and it is very cute.  She will sleep body to body with us the whole night, with her head on the pillow if she gets her way!  Of course we wouldn’t let her do that if we weren’t okay with it—it’s just so unusual for us—she’s like a little human!

It took about two days to learn her name.  I was surprised—I think that’s REALLY quick!  She also knows “sit.”  It’s hard not knowing their background, isn’t it?

Charlotte is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and is HW negative.  Fill out an application today for this sweet gem!