Petunia was a senior English Bulldog who was given up by her owners at a high-kill shelter because she couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore.  When we picked her up she was sick with pneumonia and riddles with skin infections.  She was also 45lbs over weight and unable to stand.

This poor sweet girl was dumped by her family to die alone.  With every effort we could give, we tried to save her, but it was too much.  After having one last assessment by the vet, we admitted that Petunia did not have a quality of life that she deserved. It was a really difficult decision, but we put Petunia to sleep . We filled her last couple of days with as much love and comfort as we could possibly give her. She deserved so much better than the life she had.

Sometimes when you rescue a dog that is so broken, all you can do is give them the end of life care and the love they deserve so they don’t have to leave the world alone.

Petunia left this life knowing she was loved.