Pepita, aka Pepper was adopted in January 2015.  Here’s a note from her family:

Hi Rylee,
Pepper has settled in just fine, well more than fine.  I just adore my little best buddy.  I had trouble finding her a coat that fit, so I made her a little pink fleecy one yesterday.  But the big news is that this morning, she flipped over beside me in my chair and let me rub her tummy.  You had said she never was comfortable enough to do that before.  She is really happy, and that makes me feel so good.
Eating and going outside is going really well.  She’s adjusting to our schedule.  I guess it is more changeable than yours was, since we do not work.  We get up and eat when we wake up, and sometimes stay up later than other times.  I know when she has to go, however, because she gets gassy.  And, we always get her out on rising or after she eats.
She has gotten over her car sickness.  Had 2 incidents in the blanket, but the last trip out, she did not have any problem at all.
Otherwise, I am trying very hard to keep her socialized and not too attached to me.  I put her on Jim’s lap often, even though she obviously prefers mine.  She is really a little cuddler.
We couldn’t be happier.  You really improved my life by letting me adopt Pepper.  She is just a joy.  A great big thank you to you and your organization!

Pepita’s bio:


Pepita or Pepper as we call her, will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks.  This beautifully petite and about 3 year old Chihuahua was found wandering the streets during the first cold blast of winter.  Her original owners never came for her at the shelter, poor thing.  This is one absolute gem of a dog as she loves to be cuddled and follows her foster mom everywhere.  She’s smart too, since she figured out being “besties” with her big German Shepherd foster brother will keep her warm this winter…..  She loves to cuddle with him on his dog bed.


pepita2She loves her crate, but would be even happier cuddled in the blankets with you during these cold winter nights.  Pepper is a bit timid with new situations, but she warms up quickly.  Everyone who has met her, adores her.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her little body.  She’s looking for mutual adoration in a new family.  In the meantime, she’s quite content with her foster home, who have fallen under her spell.


During the next couple of weeks, she’ll be spayed, brought up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped and made sure she’s got all her good doggie behaviors down pat. Get your application in now so you can get her for the New Year!