huck1Huck is an 18 month old, 25 pound Beagle tri-color who wants to discover the world with you. He was a laboratory dog for the first part of his life and is looking for a home with owners who want to show him all the things he missed.

Huck loves going for long walks and has started going to the dog park, where he likes to walk the fence line and sniff. He enjoys playing tug and loves his toys, especially rope toys and plush toys, and is a burgeoning fetcher. He would do really well with a securely fenced-in yard as he loves to run and play outside. In the house, he’s a big-time cuddler and will lay for hours on the couch with you as you read or watch TV. He recently discovered snow, garbage disposals, and the vacuum cleaner and it feels like every day brings him something new. He’d love to go to an obedience course as he’s very curious and eager to learn. He also loves car rides and people.

huck2He needs a new home because he doesn’t get along with our dog, a fifty pound Husky Shepherd. We think he would do best in a house where he is the only dog, though he is excellent meeting other dogs at the park and on his leash. He is very much a Beagle and if a cat runs, Huck will chase. We think he’d do best in a house with kids over ten because he’s very exuberant when he sees his people. He is also a destructive chewer and needs supervision as he plays, but he loves his Kong and can have his chewing channeled positively. He is doing really well with his house breaking and is comfortable sleeping in his crate while you’re gone, and at night. He is very food motivated.huck3

Huck is a sweet and loving dog. He needs owners who are willing to be patient as he grows and would do best with people who have had dogs before. He is curious about everything (he one time did few happy-dance laps around the house when he discovered a twisty tie on the floor) but also loves spending time in your lap. We’re asking for a $50 donation to the Humane Society for him, but will include a special bowl to slow his eating and, of course, his favorite toys. He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all shots.

We would love to talk to you about Huck and then, hopefully, set up a time for you to meet.  Contact us at or 231.392.9432 for more info on Huck.