Due to circumstances outside of Indi’s control, she must find a new home.  She is a six year old GSD and has been with her family since she was 3 months old.indi2

She loves people and adjusts to strangers well once introduced. She also loves kids but they should be older/considerate (ages 10-12+). She is used to some farm animals but is not used to cats. She is in great health and has no health issues.

She would need to be placed in a one-dog house as she doesn’t get along well with other dogs. Perh

She is easy to train and eager to learn, house broken, and is well-mannered (no jumping or excessive barking). She knows obedience commands such as lay down, stay, sit, shake, roll over, play dead, speak, wait, heel, etc. She weighs around 90lbs.indi1

To get more info on Indy – Please call Danielle at 608-469-1879 or email her at i.am.elleinad@hotmail.com