Mel was adopted in September 2015.

Update:   See lots of new photos and info on her facebook page –

Oh where to begin on our Melon Ball. She weighs only 53# I don’t know where they ever got 75+ lol.  We believe her to be only 1 to 1.5 years old and Bully-Pit mix.  She was a stray so there is no further info on her background.


Mel LOVES other dogs male and female even when they may not love her so much. She doesn’t understand that not all dogs want her in their face and don’t want to play with her toys 24/7.

She is house trained, knows how to sit, lay down, and knows how to ‘kennel up ‘ when we are leaving. She is crated when we are gone with no issues.mel6

Mel is slowly learning the social cues, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her. She has zero food aggressions towards other dogs or people. She can be a little rough with my 8 year old, but nothing mean. You can take toys and food from her no problem. She is SUPER smart and loves to learn! She is also very driven by her toys and not just treats. She will play fetch all day and almost always has a toy in her mouth. She sleeps in bed with us at night, and can also be kenneled at night with no issues. She is very much a puppy, not much over a year in our opinion.


Mel is a young dog who is still learning human concepts like ‘personal space’ and can be very pushy and sometimes jumps up on people when she gets over excited. We have been working with her since she came on it and it is improving, but is a work in progress.

She has  normal puppy chewing, but is easily redirected when given one of her toys, but you can not leave anything out. as she is known to counter surfer and opportunist and will steal anything left unattended. When she plays with other dogs, she is a rough and tumble type of girl and loves to just run with her toys but shares them very well.


She loves to play tug of war and will drag her rope around over others until someone decides to play with her. Her leash skills are a work in progress and we are working on them daily with long walks which she loves to explore and is hard to tire out. She is very very active!

I have no concerns with her other then she does seem a little to interested in our rabbits, which we are also working on. Have not cat tested her, but will try to soon once we know her a little more.

Overall she is a sweet heart who just wants to be with her people and other dog friends.

A great home for Mel will include:

  • A family who will love and adore her
  • A dog brother and or sister who likes to play
  • Children closer to 10 y/o as Mel is very playful and could knock a little one over
  • Continued obedience and life skills training to give Mel the best life possible.

If you can provide these things, Mel will give you her heart.

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