Sylvan6 Sylvan is a nine years old female GSD, and we’ve owned her since she was eight weeks.  She has been seeing the same veterinarian for almost eight years now; she is current on all vaccinations, and has current rabies and Dane County dog ID tags.  The worst ailment she’s ever had was an ear infection, many years ago.  She is vibrant, energetic, loving, sincere and loyal.Sylvan5

Due to an unfortunate change in Sylvan’s family’s life and of no fault of her own,  Sylvan is looking for a new family to love.

sylvan3Sylvan loves to play catch, go for runs (she can run along with youas you jog, roller blade or ride a bike (with the proper attachment)), or just take a long walk through the neighborhood.  She loves kids, but has never been properly socialized with other dogs.  She has never lived with another dog, nor has she lived with cats.sylvan1

She eats and goes for a walk twice a day.  She loves to have bones to chew on.  Her favorite toys are stuffed animals.  When guests come over, she will usually bring them her stuffed animal toy right away.  She does not seem like a nine-year-old dog, as she is so energetic!

To inquire further about Sylvan, please call Verge at 608.395.4501.