Brody’s Surgery Fund

brodypBrody has a torn ACL in his back leg.  Surgery is scheduled for July 22.  Your donation will go directly towards Brody’s medical expenses.  We are raising $500 to cover his surgery and prescription needs.


Pinky’s Surgery Fund

Pinky after her first surgery

Pinky after her first surgery

Pinky found her way to NorthStar in October 2014 riddled with pnemonia and several mammary tumors.  Since January, Pinky has had two surgeries to remove these tumors and her mammary glands.  She now has a great prognosis for a long life.  Her surgeries and medical costs to date are $1,028.

General Rescue Fund

Your generous gift to NorthStar WI Dog Rescue goes directly to work taking dogs out of shelters and placing them in loving homes. This takes the form of medical care, shelter, support and love. Thank you for making a huge difference in a dog’s life.