Fozzie was adopted in March 2016!

fozzy1My name’s Fozzy and I’m an “oversized lap dog”, at least that’s what my human says. She thinks I’m about a 1-1.5 years old and says I still play like a puppy. I love chew toys and bones, but I know what I can play with and what I’m not supposed to play with.

fozzy2 I have a lot of energy and I would LOVE fenced in backyard to play in! I love playing catch, even if it’s a chunk of snow that I’ll never be able to find. I’m treat motivated but I don’t have the best memory so practice is really good for me. I sit and wait for my food which my human says is really impressive from the first day she met me. A nice man found me wandering the streets of Chicago, so I didn’t have the best manners intitially.(Now you can find me in a tie and sweaters, that’s how much I love my human, it makes her happy) I know sit, lay down, stay, go, come and most importantly, I know “no”. I’m working on give when I’m playing catch, it’s just that sometimes I don’t want to and I want to play tug-o-war.
fozzy3 I’m house trained and I am a little rough on the leash until I get out that initial burst of energy. Besides my human, I love hanging out with other dogs. I burn all my energy and then I need to sleep for a full day. One of my best friends is another foster dog, Tootsie Pop. I’ve been interested in the cats that I’ve met, but I don’t like it when they hiss at me.
fozzy6 I will warn you, I love to cuddle. If you will let me, I will take over your bed, if not, I do have my own bed I sleep in. Consider me your shadow because I want to do whatever it is that you’re doing! I love watching people cook, I may be secretly hoping you drop something, but I won’t beg for food.
fozzy8As much as my foster mom loves me, I know she wants me to find my forever home that cares for me as much as she has. I’m willing to consider you part of my forever family if you have a lot of love to give, because I sure do!

Fozzy will be up to date on vaccinations and neutered prior to adoption.  Fill out an adoption form here