Jelly Bean was adopted by her foster family in October 2017.


Jelly Bean is a sweet Miniature Pinscher looking for her forever home. We believe Jelly to be around the age of nine, but she doesn’t let that slow her down! Like most Min-pins Jelly loves to cuddle with her humans, whether it’s chilling on the couch or curling up under the blankets in bed. She is well potty trained and will let her humans know when she has to go outside for a walk. Jelly loves her walks and exploring her neighborhood.



Jelly can be very timid and is working on building her self-confidence in new situations. When over-stimulated or being presented with new places or things she can become overwhelmed and afraid. She will seek out a safe space to hang out in, whether it’s in her kennel or under a bed or blankets, but she’ll recover quickly.


Jelly can be energetic and playful, but isn’t super interested in toys, although she’ll nibble on a rawhide bone from time to time. Jelly knows the difference between what are her toys and what are human things, and has not exhibited any destructive tendencies in her foster home. Jelly is VERY interested in food, especially human food! But this food motivation makes it very easy to redirect her when she needs it and will make it easy for her forever home to train her.


Jelly would do best in a house that can provide a calm environment, preferably a home that understands shy dogs and can help her gain confidence. Being introduced to too many changes too quickly can be very scary for her. She would do well in a home with other dogs. Jelly has not yet met any cats, so we do not know how she would do with them.

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