Update: Tootsie was adopted by her foster family at Christmas 2016.


Tootsie Pop is the cutest little low-rider with the biggest personality. Tootsie, her brother and sister, 5 cats and Tootsie’s 8 year old human were all rescued by the police after finding the home in deplorable conditions and with no edible food. Although Tootsie was rescued living with cats, we have found that she would much rather live comfortably in a home with no kitties.


Tootsie is learning how to play with toys but would much rather just lay at your feet. Tootsie doesn’t quiet understand how smaller breeds work and she can become anxious and reactive so it’s better if your home has a bigger dog than her. Your dog’s level of playfulness doesn’t matter much to Tootsie because she’s good at ignoring the dog if they are too active. Tootsie gets in her playful moods and will play and wrestle for short bursts of time but she won’t keep you up playing all night. As a matter of fact, the longer you stay in bed in the morning the better! Tootsie won’t wake you up early to go to the bathroom or to jump around the bed, you’ll often have to convince her to get up and start the day.
Tootsie’s safe zone is her crate and she doesn’t mind spending the day in there while you work or even going in her crate if she’s getting too anxious while you’re home. Tootsie loves to go on adventures and will lead the way through the hiking trails and up some rocky cliffs. Tootsie loves playing “stay and come” and you can be out of her sight and she will still stay put until you tell her to come find you.
Tootsie finds great comfort in being around humans and having human contact. Tootsie will make sure you are never lonely! She doesn’t beg for food and she knows to stay out of the kitchen while you are eating. If you don’t have enough space on your bed for Tootsie, she doesn’t mind setting up camp wherever you put her bed. Tootsie is a lover and gives kisses on command, two at a time. Tootsie is pretty easy going and she’s content doing whatever her human wants to do, that could mean spending the day on a boat and hiking or having a lazy sunday laying in the hammock outside. Tootsie is ready to make her way into your home for the holidays! 


Tootsie is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, HW-negative and ready for adoption.  Please fill out an application for her online

Here’s a few more photos of Tootsie for your viewing pleasure!