(Madison, 12/14/16)  Today I visited the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) to evaluated a small dog named Rocki who is in need of rescue.   This poor girl is a bit overwhelmed in the busy space of the Shelter.  Only two years old, she has had three litters of puppies – pretty much all she’s done in her life.  I’m glad her “family” surrendered her so that she can get a chance at a better life!  She’s very inquisitive, yet very scared in this environment.  In a calm room, she’ll come to get pets and love very willingly!



While there, I asked about other dogs needing help from Rescue.  So began my tour of the kennels and meeting some really amazing and sweet dogs.      I love that DCHS does everything they can to give the dogs a safe and loving experience at the Shelter, but with many dogs, it’s still very stressful so many don’t “show” well when the general public comes in looking for the perfect dog to add to their family.

I”m asking – no I’m begging anyone reading this – to please consider fostering one of these sweet dogs thru NorthStar WI  , or even adopt one.  Many are available for direct adoption from DCHS!

Below are two of nine dachshunds that were recently surrendered .  All of the dachshunds are between the ages of 9 and 12.  Seniors get very little attention in shelters because people are afraid to adopt an old dog.  But come on,  small dogs like dachshunds can live well into 15 plus years!


Brutus and Yob are shy when you stand by the kennel door but as soon as you go in and sit down – they are all over you for love!  They are bonded brothers – so it would be great if they could be rescued and adopted together.

From what I can see, all of the Dachshunds I met had nice coats, moved well and were happy to greet me.    Please consider helping a senior dog!  They need love and affection too!


Yob – a senior bi-colored daschund



Brutus is a little shier than his brother. But will come and be petted.  He follows Yob everywhere and takes his lead.  They need to be adopted together!



Two Liver and white female dachshunds (from the group of dachshunds recently surrendered).  They are super gentle and sweet!   They approached me willingly and loved to be petted.  Sorry for the bad photo, they were wiggly and very intent on meeting me. 



This is Mountie. a tri-colored Dachshund. He is pretty shy at first but will warm up once you gain his trust. A quiet home where he can be adored would be a great place! Loud noises and barking dogs are very stressful so he spends time in a office during the day

I kept walking and met more dogs that need our help!  And there are 20 more dogs coming to DCHS tomorrow from a program that moves dogs from high-kill shelters to more populated areas where they have a much better chance of being saved, rescued and or adopted.

Here are few more pups that would love your help!


This female Aussie Shepherd is stressed in shelter. She would definitely like to have a family soon! She approached me in a very friendly manner and took all the petting she could get from me. I love her personality! She was a stray and is called Menorah.



This guy was happily chewing on a bone. He looks like a Lab-dachshund mix – super short, very happy kind of guy – IMO.


This darling Shih Tzu mix loves toys and really needs to get out of the shelter!



This darling Chihuahua is around 7lbs. The big shelter is s scary place. She was returned by an adopter so is being re-vetted and is ready for rescue now and possibly adoption in a few days. It doesn’t sound like it was her issue. More that the couple broke apart and were moving to a place that didn’t allow dogs.

PLEASE consider helping however you can! – Here are things you can do now!

  1. Share this post!
  2. Offer to foster one or more of these dogs for the holidays with NorthStar (send us an email at info@northstarwi.com)
  3. Send a donation to DCHS, (http://www.giveshelter.org/)
  4. Adopt one of these beautiful creatures directly from DCHS!

If you want any more information on a specific dog –  I’d be happy to go and evaluate, get more photos and video and gather more information!