Monty was adopted in January 2017.


Bio: Monty is a very handsome long coated dachshund who is primarily black and white with a bit of brown around his face.   He is 9 years old.

Monty loves to play with toys, chase them – while they are moving, but quickly loses interest once the toy stops.  He also loves to play chase and has great spurts of energy and then is ready for a snuggle.  He’s a very happy dog and loves to be with his human.   He loves to cuddle, follow, come, sit, stay and go out side to potty.  His foster mom loves him and is just fine having this guy stay awhile to find the right Fur-Ever home!

Monty does great in a  home with a single point of reference – from the human side.  Meaning that he attaches himself to one human.  So far, he’s more particular to his foster mama than foster dad,  but with liverwurst, one of his favorite  weaknesses, he goes to everyone.   He absolutely adores his one human and will follow this person to the ends of the earth!  This bonding will easily transfer to another.    He also gets along with every dog he has met and lives with his German Shepherd foster brother.   His foster mom thinks he’ll do great with kitties as well.

He has no physical ailments – his joints and back are in great shape and he is a perfect weight.  Like many dachshunds, dental care will be a priority.  He had several removed at the shelter and will need on-going maintenance.  He doesn’t mind his foster mom brushing his teeth for a few seconds a time…..

Monty is crate trained (and loves his crate to sleep in), housetrained, gets along with other dogs, neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is heartworm negative.   Find the adoption application here