Guinness was adopted in July 2017


Guinness is a very smart and savvy male German Shepherd Dog who understands both German and English commands and has experience doing SAR trailing.  He loves to chase his ball, go on long walks and snuggle in with his human.



He will ideally need someone with German Shepherd or working dog experience and who will be committed to keeping him mentally and physically stimulated.  Guinness has some typical behavioral issues with becoming over-stimulated, excited or stressed.  He needs someone who will continue to work with him to help him manage his emotions. The old adage – A Tired Dog is a Good Dog – really applies in Guinness’ case.  Continuing some type of training program will be highly recommended!



Due to no fault of his own, his previous owners asked NorthStar to find a new home for him as he and the other resident male German Shepherd Dog couldn’t get along.  Guinness needs to be in a home with no other pets (cats, dogs, chickens, etc) or small children.  He prefers all of the attention.

Guinness just celebrated his fifth birthday. He is neutered, HW-negative and fully vetted.

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