August 2017 Update:  Yogi and Boo have been adopted together!  A happy ending photo is coming soon.

April 4 Update:  Yogi and Booboo continue to decompress and adjust to their new foster home in Wisconsin.  They like nothing better then to explore the back yard with all the Spring smells and to curl up together in the crate for afternoon naps.


Yogi (black) and Boo Boo (brown)

March 19, 2017, Madison, WI:  Yogi and Booboo are on their way to Wisconsin.  They came from Indianapolis Animal Control Center.  We thought you might like to read about their journey once we found out about them less then one week ago.

The following is an email trail of getting Yogi and BooBoo out of the shelter they have been in for the last 10 months.



Yogi and Booboo

A word from the shelter,

We have a bonded pair of senior GSD mixes who have been at our shelter for almost 10 months waiting on court case to determine if owner would get them back. She did not and we are now hoping to find rescue willing to take them. Yogi and Booboo have always been together. Booboo relies on Yogi for confidence and safety and they must stay together. They are 11 years old. Both are already neutered. They have come a long way since they arrived in the shelter thanks to committed volunteers and they have really become favorites of staff and volunteers here. They have learned our routine and look forward to walks and going outside. Yogi can be a grump at the cage when you startle him from sleep, but once you show him the leash he is ready to go. My hope for them is somewhere clean and nice and comfy. They came from the most disgusting house and though I believe the owner did really love them, they were just not as well cared for as they should have been. House was deemed unlivable by the board of health and that is how they ended up with us. They snuggle together to sleep and are just sweet to watch together. They must have been litter mates from long ago. They did live with a Chihuahua and I think a cat as well. I have attached several pictures in hopes that you fall in love and help them find their way out of the shelter.


Booboo on his freedom ride from Shelter in Indiana to Wisconsin

A caring volunteer that helped take care of Yogi and BooBoo

Hey Laura and Julie, first off thanks for allowing me to assist with Yogi and BooBoo as they 2 beautiful souls have been there since I was. Today I transported them ref getting a health checkup prior to going to rescue. They were easy to load and we loaded Yogi black dog first and BooBoo brown dog second. I only share this as they were great to ride with. They both basically just sat there so I would say however you load then that’s where they will sit the entire time, lol. The checkup ups went fine and they were both good patients. The only health notation is BooBoo infected ear. Dr Joe said he needs anti-fungal meds due to yeast infection. Yogi is always licking BooBoo’s ear making it worse.

Happy to see those 2 fellas go onto rescue/foster/new home.


Yogi excited for his freedom ride to Wisconsin!

And then there was this – a word from a dedicated shelter volunteer to NorthStar:

Julie at Indianapolis Animal Care Services advised me that your rescue has agreed to take senior dogs Yogi and BooBoo, a bonded pair who have been at the shelter more than a year. I volunteer to walk dogs at the shelter on Sundays. I love Yogi and BooBoo and had offered to sponsor their rescue in the amount of $500.

I am so grateful and thankful for you guys for offering to rescue these two sweet seniors.  It has made me a bit weepy here today, but in a good way.  They are wonderful dogs; I don’t think they ever really had a quality home life. I don’t know any details, but my understanding was the owner lost her home and had some other issues and so Yogi and BooBoo ended up at IACS.

I have no doubt once Y&B are out of the shelter environment that they will thrive and enjoy the quiet of a good, loving home.  I think they were being fed both canned and dry food as there was a period of time when they didn’t always eat the dry food.  They are very gentle dogs and seem not to really know what to do when you offer treats in your hand, but eventually they do take them.  They will love having a soft bed and a place that doesn’t smell like disinfectant and the sound of 90 other dogs.

I’ve been volunteering at IACS on Sundays since May 2015.  I also go in on holidays to help out.  There are many wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to try to make shelter life a better existence for the dogs and cats who end up there.  I also drive transport on Saturday afternoons for Mobile Mutts based out of Champaign, IL.  I started driving transport in 2010 for a variety of transport coordinators, but have been driving exclusively for Mobile Mutts the last couple of years.  They are very well organized and transport dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky to no-kill shelters and rescues in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The leg of transport I usually drive is Brownsburg, IN to Covington, IN but sometimes do Columbus, IN to Brownsburg.  I’ve met a lot of great people in the transport realm, all of whom are passionate about dogs.



Boo Boo and Yogi getting ready for their Freedom Ride to Wisconsin.

They even got a going away party today!

Yogi and Boo Boo are probably in the middle of their party right now. Yes, party. The shelter staff and volunteers are so excited for them that they found rescue, they are having a going party for them today. Even Julie’s old Shelter Director is coming in to say goodbye to them, as they were his first “project” as Director last year.



Newly arrived at their foster home, Yogi and Boo Boo take in the smells of their new people and their new foster sister, Toots, watching the scene ready to welcome them!

They arrived in Wisconsin late this afternoon 

They are now getting settled in their new foster home.  They will spend some time decompressing, relaxing and getting to know their new surroundings.  They will be fully vetted and ready for adoption in the coming weeks.  These boys have been thru so much in their lives, they are completed bonded and will  be adopted together.

More info will be posted as we get to know these boys.