UPDATE:  Bear was adopted in the Spring of 2017

Hi there, my name is Bear!  I am a 6 month old Husky/Shepherd mix. I have been with my foster family since April 1st and they have learned a whole lot about me! First, I am one of the cutest dogs EVER!!! My foster mom can’t take me anywhere without people commenting on my good looks! As nice as that is, even more important, I have a wonderful personality. I am definitely a “people” dog.  I love my foster family; wherever they go, I want to go, too.  I am always by their side. While I do fine on my own, I definitely prefer not to be alone.

True to my Husky breed, I am full of energy!  I am looking for an active family who will put my energy to good use!  I do have some ideas:  I would make a fantastic running partner, I have always wanted to go hiking, and I find agility very intriguing!  I also love to go for car rides and I do very well in the car.  As much energy as I have, I also like to settle down and snuggle.  If you let me, I would love to sleep in bed with you!

I currently live with my foster parents, my three human sisters, one dog sister and one cat brother.  I get along well with all dogs (and love, love, love the dog park!) and would like to be friends with my cat brother, however, he is not fond of that idea, so I leave him alone (he can be kind-of scary). I do prefer to play with younger dogs, as my dog sister is 10 years old and does not appreciate the energy I have when it comes to playing. That said, I am very appropriate when I play, she is just an old grouch.

I am working on potty training, and will “go potty” outside when I’m told to do so, I just don’t seem to know how to let my foster family know when I need to go outside.  My foster mom says that is very common with rescue dogs.  I also have some resource guarding issues with food. We have been working on that and I am learning that I can relax around food and that it won’t be taken away from me.

I am hoping that one day soon I will have a family of my very own!  Please fill out an application for me, so we can meet each other as soon as possible!