Update: Hugo was adopted by his foster family in October 2017!


Hugo is a sweet two-year-old male German Shepherd mix  He has one ear that consistently stays up and one ear that flops over giving him a slightly perplexed appearance. All he wants to do is be loved.

After spending some time roaming the streets of Indiana, Hugo is a little weak on his manners. He has learned sit, paw, and stay back. He is working on down and telling humans when he has to go potty. The longest he can go without being taken outside is six hours. He pulls on his leash and will need someone who is willing to take him to obedience school and work with him consistently. He will also need someone who has confidence around dogs with a strong personality, as he likes to try to intimidate his pack. Once put in his place, Hugo is happy to be part of the pack and follow his human leaders.

Hugo’s whole goal is to please, and he really wants to like humans. He is slightly timid about hands – from reaching for his collar to put on his leash to having a history of growling at hands that reach for his bowl.  Therefore a home with children under 5 might not be the right place for him.  Right now, his training includes members of the family (including children over 5) taking turn feeding him by hand so that he learns that all hands are good hands. But that aside, he is curious about people who come to visit and is willing to allow anyone who is within arms reach to pet him.

He would do really well in a house with other dogs that would be willing to play with him.  He also needs to be brushed on a daily basis, but this is not a problem because he loves it, and he will even sit on your lap in order to make it easier for you.

Hugo is an amazing dog who is looking for his forever family. Once he finds them, he will be a great pack member.   Hugo is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and ready for adoption with the right family!

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