Update:  Goose was adopted by his foster family in October 2017.

Goose has been with our family for a little over 3 weeks now and is doing exceptionally well. I must say, he is one of the sweetest, kindest dogs I have met. He is between 3 and 5 years old, he knows Sit, Stay, Down, he is not much of a toy dog but I think it is only because he may not have had a lot and he does have a favorite one here that he chews on once in awhile.

Goose is wearing the blue collar

He gets along well with other dogs, children and everyone he meets. He loves car rides and going for walks and seeing new sights. He does get a little nervous when joggers come at us but does just stand there. He also had not seen bicycles on trails and he does pretty good but I am riding my bike with him next to it on a leash to get him used to bikes.

He is not a dog that begs for food. He loves to lay on the couch by you and sleep. I also give him baths and he just stands there. He just loves being with someone! 

Goose DOES NOT like cats and other small animals like chickens. Unfortunately, his foster-to-adopt home have both. 😔 He has a prey instinct like a lot of dogs, that is in him and it is no fault to him at all. Most dogs don’t like cats.

Since I have gotten him, he has put on some weight and is looking very good. The only thing that we are working on is he does not like to walk in his crate on his own but we are working on that. The last three times now he has gone in. Usually, if you just turn him around and back him in his crate he goes in and doesn’t mind at all. He doesn’t even mind if you pick him up and put him in. You can’t blame him because after being in his crate for 3 months who would want to go back in it.

He is also not an aggressive dog. The BEST home for him though would be one with NO SMALL ANIMALS! k. Goose is a great dog and if I didn’t have 4 cats in the house and small animals outside, he would be staying! I am really going to miss this guy! 💔 😢

Goose is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, HW-negative and Microchipped.  Fill out an application for him now!