Frye is a handsome and exceptionally affectionate 4 ½ year old male GSD. He loves attention and enjoys playing ball in the back yard. He enjoys running in the snow and hasn’t been bothered by the cold temperatures. When with his people and in his home, Frye is a sweet, mellow and laid-back guy.

Frye found his way to NorthStar because he was having a difficult time adjusting to the humane society. He was surrendered after living with a single parent and two young children and a cat for over 3 years. The family introduced two new dogs to the household, which proved to be too much for everyone.

Frye is looking for a new home as an only dog, ideally with a fenced yard where he can play and explore. He is living with two cats in his foster home and overall peacefully cohabitates. Although he is fond of chasing them if he can provoke them to run.

Frye needs a confident and experienced handler due to some anxieties, especially in new situations. He bonds strongly with his person and needs someone he can look to for direction and reassurance. He has a difficult time meeting new people. His foster mom is working with him on greeting routine and uses his crate as a safe place during introductions.

Frye suffers from separation anxiety and has a history of breaks outs. In his previous home, he was not left alone for more than a few hours. He has improved significantly in his foster home and is now able to spend the entire work day alone free-roam.

Frye is UTD on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and will be microchipped.  Apply for him online!