Odie was adopted in May 2018!  He now has two brothers to call his own.


Odie is a spunky and fun 11 month old pup who is new to rescue.  Currently weighing in at 9lbs, this shih tzu/terrier is looking for his forever home.  He kennels very nicely, is housebroken and gets along fine with other like minded dogs as he likes to play a bit rough – so supervision and like-minded buddies are highly suggested.

He is super friendly, loves everyone he meets on his daily outings and also is very content to just snuggle.  He is neutered, vaccinated and HW-negative.

Odie’s freedom ride!

A note from his foster mom:

He is a fun little guy. Very confident and loves to meet people. he does well with other dogs, but is kinda of pushy at first so good introductions are needed. He currently lives with two other dogs, Buddy, a male 2yo pekineses/spitz and Elie, a 5 y/o female aussie. Over the past week, Odie has settled in well and loves to play with both dogs and humans. He loves stuffed toys, bones and playing tug of war (which is carefully watched) He kennels beautifully during the day when I go to work (though twice I’ve taken him to the office for the day, where he loves to go meet everyone. There were a few pee accidents during the first two day, but I chalk that up to marking as he had just been neutered last week at the shelter. He may only be 9lbs, but he has the heart of a much larger dog and loves to play with the big boys. He does great in cars, walks and being introduced to new scenarios. When he’s excited, he barks with glee, but is easily hushed with a “Leave it” command. I believe he is more on the Jack Russel terrier side than the listed Shih-Tzu in his nature and fearlessness.

Odie is a fun dog and I’m tickled to be his foster mom.

Odie hanging out at his foster mom’s office



Odie and his foster brother getting to know each other.