Morgan was adopted in August 2013.  Here’s a photo of her new family:


Morgan’s original bio:

Morgan is a one year old German Shepherd mix, most likely with Border Collie.  She has the best qualities of both breeds; extremely smart and willing to please, all in a nice small package at 45 lbs.

Morgan was picked up as a stray,  before coming to rescue.  She is a very sweet dog and loves to be with people, and will always be at their side.  She is a very gentle dog, but is a little mouthy yet.  She was most likely an outside dog so she is learning house manners in her foster home.  She would benefit from basic obedience classes.morgan3

Morgan lives with 3 GSDs in her foster home and does well with all of them.  She is extremely playful but does get quite rough sometimes, so large, tolerant dogs make the best playmates for her.  She likes to chase the other dogs but doesn’t seem to have high prey drive, so a dog savvy cat may be ok.


Morgan likes to go for walks and is perfect on leash -she never pulls at all.  She is a very easy to handle dog, loves to be brushed and handled, and is calm and quiet for nail trimming. She will guard her food from other dogs sometimes, but this is disappearing as she realizes she doesn’t need to.


Morgan is spayed, up to date on shots, and is microchipped.  She is house trained and has free reign in the house – she does not like being crated.  She is ready to have her own special family to show them how great she is.

Videos of Morgan:

Playing with her foster brother:

And another: