Peluchon was adopted in May 2014.

Peluchon (“Lucien” for short) was named for the famous French Rugby player, but he’d be perfectly happy just to be called your friend. He’s a big, huggable, lovable ball of 7 year-old puppy wrapped up in a 90 lb. gorgeous body of a mature male German Shepherd. This description has held with staff at the groomer’s, doggy supply store, and vets and vet techs across the board.


He has a soft face and eyes that express readiness to be all yours. Peluchon is eager to learn and responsive to treats. He adores getting out and exploring, and thrives with regular exercise. He’s learning leash and door manners and will respond to timely and focused corrections. He can be a little insecure, which is readily remedied with regular positive reinforcement for doing things right! He frequently approaches new dogs with excessive enthusiasm, sometimes frightening them with his powerful appearance. His enthusiasm can extend to a desire to treat small things like toys. Small children may be knocked over or find themselves overwhelmed with a playmate who does not naturally recognize or moderate his play. So, no little kids, cats, or small doggies for Peluchon. With supervision, he is respectful of his 50 lb. 12 year old deaf foster brother who appreciates a bit of space. A skilled handler offering shaping and supervision can help Peluchon learn better awareness and dog-dog interactions.

He loves to cuddle and will cherish time on the bed or sofa with you, but will not climb on furniture without an invitation. He will use his deep warning bark sparingly, but he is clear to let people know he’s on duty if needed. He cuddles like a champ and will writhe with joy under a face full of kisses. He welcomes visitors happily and will back up as directed. He loves chewing on stuffies and will happily play tug. His “chase” skills in a game of fetch are spectacular. His “return” skills… not so much 🙂

Peluchon appears to be in overall great health with a strong heart and great energy. He has had recent dental care, chipped, neutered, and is up to date on all shots. He has some chronic ear irritation which is under treatment and will need regular care and attention to prevent it from becoming problematic and painful for him. On the whole, he’s a medium to high-energy guy in good health who loves everybody and is ready to run with, learn from, protect, and adore his new family!