Luther was adopted in March 2015.


Luther’s Bio

Luther is a 7-month old dreamboat GSD puppy. He’s got it all: Alert, loving, eager to please, potty trained, neutered, fun-loving and handsome as all get-out!  As with many GSD pups, Luther had a bit of a rough start, and is now working on developing appropriate confidence around scary new things/people/critters with his loving foster mama for the past two months.


He does very well in a stable pack environment. His puppy energy and natural wariness of new experiences means he has to have a family with GSD or other working dog experience.  He also will benefit greatly by having a larger even-tempered doggie buddy or two  to learn from, and finally, no small kids, kitties or critters (at least until he gets his feet under him, and can be introduced properly!).


He has the typical GSD energy level – full throttle, but can settle down with good daily exercise. He knows  basic commands like sit, down, stay, off and wait,  He is still working on,..give, drop-it, easy, back and down/stay as you’d expect of a dog this young.  Continued practice will be required.  A formal obedience class is highly recommended for consistency or a plan shared with Luther’s foster home that is approved.

Luther needs to go to a home where someone will be around a majority of the day, as he does have separation anxiety.  He is crate and house trained (though pups still have accidents…)   He’s very food motivated  meaning he stays focused and will work for both treats and toys.


Luther is  healthy, happy, and ready to learn. He has a wonderful future in front of him, with lots of positive reinforcement and socialization. This exquisite boy deserves the best, and is waiting for the right home. Applicants must have experience raising and living with a GSD or other working-line breed.  Maybe it’s with you?