Alex was adopted in April 2015.


This is Alex, a GSD mix of an undetermined age, though we think he’s around 5.  Alex is a good dog who likes nothing better than to snuggle with his foster mom.  He is very playful and loves toys.  He likes to play ball and run around the back yard.  Though, he’s not a fan of this winter’s cold.  He’s outdoor escapades are kept short as he prefers to lay in front of the space heater.
Alex is good with kids and is very happy and excited to meet new people.  He does wonderfully on the leash and loves to go on car rides.  When he sees his foster Mom reach for her car keys he heads for the door.  Alex has good recall and will come when called.  He has escaped out the front door and comes back right away when called.  A fenced yard would be preferable for Alex as he does like to go visiting.
Alex is fully vetted and ready to go to his forever home.  We are looking for a family that has someone home most of the day and night, or has another dog that can keep Alex company during the times when you are away.   He does not like to be alone and has some anxiety when his foster mom goes to work.  He lives with two other dogs that help him through the days that Mom is at work.  He is pretty reactive with cats but has not met one face to face, we think the chase would be on if given that opportunity.

If you can offer this sweet heart a home please fill out an adoption application and we will contact you shortly.

Alex is looking for his forever family, could it be you?